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Do you know despite more businesses now offer work-life harmony schemes such as flexi-time work arrangements, there are more Singaporeans unhappy about their work life balance. What are really the issues? Other than business policies supportive of work life balance, are there any other factors that contribute to work life balance? Work Life Balance Singapore aims to address these issues and help to support as many families as possible to achieve their work life balance and be successful at their workplace.


Singaporeans work over official working hours


Singaporeans want Work Life Balance over Higher Pay


Work demands ate into their family time


Women turn down jobs due to work-life balance concerns

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Pay a yearly fee package with highly discounted rate for management to mix and match training programmes, workshops, coaching, group counselling, personality profiling depending on organisational needs  for staff development to enhance WorkLife Balance

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$280 onwards per pax annually for Middle management level

$580 onwards per pax annually for Senior management level

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